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From October 9, 2022:


The Saint Nurse of the Patagonia



Some biographic information
He was born in Boretto (Reggio Emilia, Italy) on 12th
October, 1880.
As an immigrant, he arrived in Bahia Blanca, Argentina,
with his parents and brothers in 1897.
He joined the neophyte house (Salesian seminary),
where he caught tuberculosis.
Then he was moved to Viedma. He asked the Virgin for
the recovery of his health and promised to take care of
the sick around him.
As a Salesian coadjutor (consecrated layman) he devo-
ted his life to the sick of San José Hospital (St. Joseph)
in Viedma for over 40 years.
He was in charge and managed the hospital, which ad-
mitted the sick of the area, in spite of the indifference
and even opposition of the local authorities.
He jealously took care of both the physical and spiritual
health of the sick, particularly the poorest.
He died in Viedma on 15th March, 1951.

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Don Zatti


His remains rest in the atrium of the parochial church of San Juan Bosco (Saint John
Bosco) in Viedma, expecting the Resurrection.
Immediately after his death people started calling him "the saint nurse of the Patagonia"
and "the kinsman of the poor".
At present the local hospital of Viedma as well as one of the main streets in town are
called after him, Artémides Zatti.
At the front corner of the hospital there is a monument which witnesses the love of the



Prayer to ask for mercies through his intercession
Lord Jesus,
You called don Zatti, a Salesian coadjutor,
To serve the poor and the needy,
You gave him the strength to offer himself
with joy and untiring enthusiasm to his sick brothers,
You made him a good man,
Who knew how to live to your Gospel
In the daily work and in silent sacrifice.
We ask you the happiness of seeing him shine in the Glory of your saints
And to enable us to be witnesses of your Light,
We ask you for his intercession the mercy of .....................
Novena to ask for mercies
1. Say the previous prayer, with faith and trust for nine running days.
2. Every day do some charity work in favour of the sick and the needy.
3. Take Confession to a priest and Holy Communion.
4. If possible, make the granted mercy known and contribute with alms
   to the needy.



Canonisation Process
In 1976 the introduction of the process is required to the Argentine Episcopal
On 31st May, 1977 the bishop of Viedma applies to the Congregation to the Process
of the Saints for the authorisation to start the process, which is granted on 1st June,

On 22nd March, 1980 the Recognition Process is opened in Viedma.
And on 24th May, 1981 the actions are put forward to the Roman Congregation.
On 10th December the remains are taken to the church Sacred Heart of Jesus
in the parish of Saint John Bosco in Viedma.
In March, 1985, after the favourable declaration of the Recognition Process the
Cause is given to the General Teller, who finishes his report in June, 1990.
On 7th July, 1997 Artemides Zatti is declared Venerable.

On 14th April, 1998 the Ecclesiastical Tribunal is established in Buenos Aires
to study a presumed miracle.
And on 27th November the Congregation of the Process of the Saints approved
of the actions.
On 9th March, 2000 this miracle is accepted by the experts.
On 24th April, 2001 the Pope signs the decree of conclusion of the beatification
On 14th April, 2002 Artemides Zatti is declared Beato.
On October 9, 2022 Artemides Zatti is declared a Saint
Canonisation Process:
    * Casilla de correo [Mail box] 52 - (8500) Viedma - Argentina
    * Vieytes 150 - (8000) Bahia Blanca - Argentina
    * Or you can contact the Episcopate in Viedma
More information about his life and work
can be found in the book Artemides Zatti, by Nestor Alfredo Noriega, Ed. Didascalia


Artémides Zatti
The image of the canonisation.



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